20 au 25 juillet 2014




In 2008, Violon Trad Québec Scholarship Program was established to encourage young musicians to learn and perpetuate the traditionnal music of Quebec. In the previous editions of the Camp Violon Trad Québec, we have raised funds for the creation of this scholarship to provide young people of 18 years old and under the chance to get financial assistance.  These grants will amount between $ 100 and $ 400 Canadian dollars. Please read the instructions below. Note that all those wishing to apply for a scholarship must be registered for the 2013 edition.  The sholarship recipients will be encouraged to do a mini performance during our lunchtime. You can play solo or with other camp members. Also, the recipients will have to make small tasks to help the good functioning of the camp.


To make a demand, first, everybody have to registre themerself at the camp.  And after that you have to fill the form here.

Selection criteria of the Scholarship Committee Violon Trad Québec Camp 2013

  • Your interest in traditional music of Québec.
  • The motivations to receive a scholarship.
  • The reasons to participate at the camp.
  • Travel expenses related to the camp.
  • Expenses of the persons accompanying you at the camp if applicable.